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  • Doily Allergen

10 Spooky Iowa City Locations To Visit on Halloween

10. The third floor of the library

third floor of uiowa library

An eerie silence interrupted by whispers? A long corridor with flickering motion-activated lights and cold tile floors reminiscent of a 1950’s mental hospital? And on top of it all, reading? No thanks!

9. The bottom drawer of your refrigerator

the bottom floor of a refrigerator

Open at your own risk—this location is not for the faint of heart. Those who push through their fears are likely to stumble upon sights that would make any normal person recoil in horror. Whoever said that the scariest thing to the mind is the unknown clearly never saw a two-month old head of broccoli before!

8. EPB at night

epb at night

If you think the darkness might mask this atrocity, you’re in for a rude awakening. The nearby street lamps give passerby a quick glimpse of this hideous building, making it all the more frightening when you turn only to see it vanish into the darkness.

7. EPB during the day

epb during the day

Stomach-churning patterns of brick and stone, linoleum flooring installed during the Nixon administration are more than enough to send most who approach this building fleeing away toward the Pentacrest. The basement is chilling, mainly because the air conditioning is always on full blast for no fucking reason at all.

6. The bottom of the Iowa River

the bottom of the iowa river

Blub blub blub

5. Coralville


Sure, the winding roads of Coralville are lined with plenty of stores and restaurants, but there’s just something about the place…maybe it’s that the town is not a UNESCO City of Literature. As hard as it is to believe, we must accept the terrifying truth that this town has never hosted a Margaret Atwood reading or a Big Ten Conference Championship.

4. Wherever that guy dressed in a full-body chicken costume is right now

downtown iowa city

What’s that dude’s deal anyhow? Where does he disappear to? Is he an advertisement for something? A murderer in disguise? It doesn’t really matter. If he’s nearby, you’re not where you need to be.

3. That tree stump right next to The Black Angel statue that sorta looks like Steve Buscemi

the black angel statue and steve buscemi

You know the one. We’ve all walked past that creepy black angel statue only to be horrified by the sight of Hollywood A-lister Steve Buscemi’s beady little eyes starting back at us. Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen it.

2. Your TA’s car trunk

a car trunk

As far as car trunks go, your TA’s is the spookiest one for sure. Who could have anticipated that the mild-mannered leader of your ethics discussion had a dark side? On a brighter note, it’s looking more and more like you won’t have to take that quiz Monday.

1. Right behind you

scary face



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