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4 Times UI Nurses Celebrating “Hot Girl Summer” At Work Seemed Mildly-Inappropriate

Hot Girl Summer is all about young women letting go of their inhibitions and just being themselves, even at workplaces that require employees to follow the most stringent protocols to ensure everyone’s safety!

Here’s 4 times UI nurses perhaps took their newfound mojo a little too far, but really, who could blame them? #hotgirlsummer.

1. Trish, Nadia, and their random friend pre-gaming a kidney transplant

girls pregaming in a hospital

It’s unusual for someone to be singing the chorus of Avril Lavigne’s 2002 pop-punk smash“Sk8r Boi” in a surgery prep room, but to hear the whole song belted out in a drunken slur right before a kidney transplant is even more odd!

So naturally, it felt like Trish and Nadia had crossed a few lines when we found them and a random friend wearing sun hats and polishing off a twelve back of Bud Light Lime, the opening chords of “Complicated” causing them to “WOOOOO!” over the surgeon’s directives for them to at least put their scrubs on.

What are you gonna do? It’s a hot girl summer!

2. Amber refusing to assist with an emergency tracheotomy without her homegirl Victoria and their new bikinis.


It was a little worrying to hear our favorite RN Amber respond “no way” to a doctor’s urgent request that she assist with a tracheotomy on a patient whose airway had closed shut from inflammation and was rapidly suffocating, and even more worrying when she refused to work another second without her best friend and their brand new swimwear.

It seemed completely unprofessional, but luckily homegirl Victoria agreed to swing by Amber’s apartment so the two would be “twinning” in their fab, bikinis as Amber provided doctors with the tools they needed to make a series of incisions in the man’s windpipe allowing airflow back into his lungs.

She was given a stern talking to afterward, but nobody could deny how cute Amber and Victoria looked saving lives in the ICU!

3. Lily being herself

lily being herself

Oh boy, who could forget that time Lily came into work and dropped that confident, peppy façade and just started acting like she does at home.

Sleeping, crying, and eating a whole bag of chocolate chips just didn’t vibe with the rest of the UI hospital crew. Sloths have had more productive days!

4. Tyra practicing her henna technique on bodies in the morgue

henna in the morgue

Ty-Ty! We couldn’t help but chuckle when we caught you after hours in the morgue lathering up those pale, lifeless bodies with henna paste so you could nail your mandala design and show it off at Riot Fest.

Being grossly unethical and going against all UI hospital protocol, Tyra was asked to cut it out—but hey, you do you girl!


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