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4 Ways To Tell If The Person Walking Ahead of You Is Vaping Or Just Breathing While It’s Cold Out

two men at university of iowa

As the weather in Iowa City turns cold, every pedestrian is faced with an important question: is that guy vaping, or just breathing while it’s cold out? Consider these tips on how to discreetly find the answer.

4. Observe current weather patterns

iowa city weather

If you’re a coward who can’t handle the mental pressure of talking to a complete stranger, try this approach. Open your phone’s weather app and take note of the temperature. If it’s 35 degrees or lower, your person of interest might just be breathing while it’s cold out.

3. Sneak up behind them and sniff the air

person sniffs vape air

Stealthily approach the stranger from behind and sniff the air near their head for signs of a sickeningly sweet vape cloud. If you don’t smell any bubblegum or mango, you may not be sniffing hard enough. Try again. The closer to their mouth you can get, the better.

2. Tail them for a couple blocks and see if they enter a smoke shop

two people walking

Class can wait. Put on your best “everyday UI student” disguise and follow them at a reasonable distance. If you see them enter a smoke shops, mystery solved. If they enter a convenience store, you should follow them inside and pretend to shop for antifreeze while continuing to observe them. Subtlety is key here. If they notice you, abort the mission immediately and run in the opposite direction.

1. Ask them
two men talking

People respect straightforwardness. Let your subject know you see them as a human being by accosting them and asking, “excuse me, are you vaping or just breathing while it’s cold out?” Opening up a dialogue can go along away when faced with these tough questions.


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