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Advisor Declares “That’s A You Problem”

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Junior Lindsey Owens found she was in for a surprise last week when she went to visit her advisor to discuss her classes for the upcoming semester. The social justice major discovered one of the classes required for her major was only offered every four years, and was seeking guidance in resolving the issue. What she got instead was entirely unhelpful when her advisor simply declared “that’s a you problem”.

The simple rejection in place of any form of advice stunned Owens, who has since been left to her own devices in finding a way to graduate. She feels her advisor’s remark was unhelpful and unwarranted.

“I literally just asked a question that I feel he must be asked at least a couple times a semester. That’s a you problem…like what the fuck am I supposed to do with that?” Owens said.

Owens has since been researching on her own, asking friends and professors, and searching for any possible loophole that could allow her to graduate before the class is offered again. She has had no luck.

“I have no idea what the fuck I’m gonna do. Honestly I’ll probably just work until the class is offered again, the pay rate for food service is actually really comparable to starting jobs with a social justice major,” Owens said.

Her counselor, Francis Huff, feels that his comment was not out of pocket and accurately described the situation.

“It is a her problem. Whether or not this girl graduates has absolutely no effect on my life whatsoever,” Huff said.

While that may be technically true, Owens and several other of Huff’s advisees feel he is bad at his job and should be replaced. Huff seemed to pay no notice to this as well.

“I fucking hate this job. All these students come to me and ask me to fix their stupid problems. Do you think it was my dream to be an advisor? I really don’t give a shit,” said Huff.


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