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After Intensive Discussion, Class Concludes It May Snow Tonight

class discussion room

Rather than discuss the assignment for this week, Professor Hench’s rhetoric class focused the conversation around what student Riley Waters’ iOS weather app said: a chance of snow in the upcoming forecast.

“Snow? In October?” One student said.

“That’s like, Christmas before Halloween,” another observed.

These astute points were repeated moments after their initial uttering, as one student walked into class late and restarted the whole discussion.

Professor Hench then walked into the room and asked to be brought up to speed with the student’s discussion, causing the students to repeat the same information again.

After much deliberation on exactly how likely a 60% chance of flurries at 9:00 PM is, the class decided that they may or may not wake up to snow-coated trees.

The possibility of classes being canceled was quickly shut down by Ryan Adams, a UI sophomore and veteran of last year’s polar vortex, who reminded the class that Iowa’s administration is loathe to ever cancel a class even for the largest hypothetical October blizzard anyone had ever seen.

Eventually, the class came to an agreement that there was at least a noteworthy likelihood of snow before moving onto the next topic: had they all heard that thumping noise from the classroom above just now?


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