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Art History Class Begins Barista Unit

class barista unit

Having covered European artistic movements of the 20th century, a UI art history class transitioned into its barista until.

“For students of the visual arts, there are few things more important than learning how to operate an espresso machine and properly steam cappuccino milk,” said Professor Monica Sanders. “Majoring in art history means that a lot of theory is thrown at you, but the barista unit gives students a chance to develop skills that will give them an edge when going out into the art world and applying to every coffee shop in the Brooklyn, Chicago, and San Francisco area.”

Classes are shown how to split tips at the end of their shift, brew using a French press, and ask the homeless who haven’t purchased an item to ‘please not loiter on the patio.’

“After weeks of being knee-deep in discussions of how WWII shaped abstract expressionism, it’s refreshing to get some hands on experience and see what the art industry’s job market is like,” said student Aisha Barns. “Whether I end up working a cash register, drive through window, or a stove-top making breakfast sandwiches, I know barista training will strengthen my resume and prepare me for life as an art major.”


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