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Biden Assures Nation He Was Very Brave While Getting Booster Shot, Didn’t Cry Once

biden getting the vaccine

In a press conference on Friday, President Biden addressed the nation to assure them he felt no side effects as a result of his getting a Covid booster shot and stressed that he was very brave while getting it.

“I didn’t even cry once, man,” Biden said in his address. “I was so brave the doc even gave me a sticker. It’s a Charizard.”

Biden went on to point out that most other presidents had to have their secret service present while they got their shots administered, but that he didn’t even have to look away while being injected.

“I looked right at the needle the whole time, man,” Biden said. “It was the biggest freakin’ needle you ever seen, and I wasn’t even really all that scared.”

Biden says now that he has his booster shot, his first plan is to go see a PG-13 movie because they aren’t even scary to him.


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