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  • Ashley Cimarolli

BREAKING: Student in Screenwriting Class Writes a Decent Screenplay

shocked students

With a new generation of students tricking themselves into thinking they are talented, only one writer shines among the rest. Monica M. Melony wrote a good-enough screenplay and took the writing world by storm! After countless semesters of sifting through “coming-of-age” stories opening with an alarm clock and a confused college student, we interviewed a U-Iowa professor, Dr. Dylan Wildren, who has found something totally unique in Monica’s work.

“She put me somewhere new. I found myself reading her work and quite literally drifting through the air and onto the page,” Wildren commented.

Wildren describes his experience as he reads through Monica’s work. The screenplay takes place on a cloud as a raindrop family fights a long war in the sky until they meet their bitter end as they plunge towards the impenetrable Earth.

“The page limit was about 5 pages. Monica submitted a 27-page, nail-biting, ass-clenching screenplay with themes almost beyond my comprehension. I had to call in a supervisor,” said Wildren.

Wildren informed us that he spoke with his supervisor for no less than five hours about Monica’s script as they deciphered every detail. After a disappointing rejection from Monica to comment on the situation, we sat down with a close colleague of hers to discuss her newfound success:

“I mean yeah she’s in my class, the screenplay was fine. You wanna hear mine?”

In fact, no one wanted to hear his. Not in a million years would his screenplay about a “female,” who attempts to be intelligent for a day, get seen by the masses.

Wildren discusses how the promise Monica shows in her first script makes him almost shudder at the idea of her creating another one. He doesn’t think the world can take it. The script has recently been bought by A24 and they will begin production in early 2024. Professor Wildren is set to quit his job within the day and pursue his dream of auditioning for this production.

Godspeed, and good luck to Professor Wildren!


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