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Bruce Harreld Pulls Finals-Week All Nighter Doing Whatever It Is That He Does Around Here

bruce harreld at desk

Certain that he was “definitely plugging away at something in there,” reports showed that UI President Bruce Harreld pulled a finals-week all nighter doing whatever it is that he does around here.

“While we’re unsure of the exact activities Mr. Harreld spent so much time doing last night, it is likely they pertained to his position as University of Iowa President. Whatever that means,” said Trisha Griswold, some kind of UI administrator. “What is clear is that he worked well into the morning trying to get whatever it was finished so that he could have his schedule free to do something else that is probably very important. Maybe.”

Other reports verified that Harreld felt “backed up against a wall” and “totally exhausted” trying to keep up with all the various tasks he that he probably has to do.

“I’m pretty sure that the title of President comes with a lot of responsibility,” said a person in a vaguely worded email. “In the context of a major university with over 30,000 students, this could possibly mean a huge array of duties, most of which I am fairly convinced include planning, meetings, and scheduling those meetings.”

At press time, Harreld was seen leaving his office, perhaps going to a conference of some sort to talk to folks about some stuff relating to his job.


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