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Bruce Harreld Tearfully Puts Herky To Sleep For Biting Small Child

bruce harreld kills herky

It was a sad day for University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld as he was forced to euthanize the school’s beloved mascot after Herky bit a small child.

“It was a tough decision to make,” Harreld says. “He’s been a member of this family for over 70 years, and I never believed him to be anything but a rowdy Hawk who loves to pump up the crowd… but we simply can’t control his primal behavior anymore.”

Harreld says Herky’s last day was spent doing all the things he loved in life.

“We ran around Kinnick shooting a t-shirt cannon and waving big flag for one last hurrah,” Harreld says. “Then I took him behind the bleachers, and I did what had to be done.”

Harreld says in Herky’s last moments, the beloved hawk talked optimistically about the rabbit farm he and Harreld had always dreamed of owning.


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