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Dean of Students Angie Reams Steps Down to Become Doily Intern

angie reams is a doily allergen intern

Today we greet the newest member of the Doily Allergen, Angie Reams!

You could only imagine how shocked we all were when her name appeared at the top of an application form. At first, we assumed it was a student of the same name, but a follow-up email from the Dean of Students account proved otherwise. The email contained an explicit threat of expulsion if her application was not accepted, and so we enthusiastically and graciously allowed our favorite staff member to join the Doily Allergen.

I suppose our attentive audience is curious as to what being a Doily Allergen intern entails. It is paid in “valuable and thoughtful” work “experience.” There is a workload which makes most 9-5 jobs look like a cakewalk, if you ever speak back to a full time writer you can and will be fired on the spot, and after around 5 years of interning with us, we will cancel the contract and allow Angie to return to the coveted position of Dean of Students.

So congratulations to our newest and only Doily Allergen intern. On behalf of this specific reporter, my coffee order is a white chocolate mocha, hot, with blonde espresso, and I expect to have it in 2 hours. Thanks!


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