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Des Moines Register Franticly Searches Carson King Childhood Home Movies To Find Something Redeeming

carson king childhood videos

Stating that “no stone will be left unturned,” Des Moines Register reporters burglarized Carson King’s home, retrieving over 200 hours of home video footage so they could pour over it and find something redeeming about him.

“While we still defend our reporting on King’s controversial tweets, we do recognize the opportunity to balance this story out by taking a look at King’s most intimate childhood memories and digging for a positive piece of information to share publicly,” said editor Carol Hunter. “Privately recorded home videos provide an unfiltered glimpse into the life of a child, and we are proud of our journalists for hatching up this plan to set things right with the King family by showing affectionate moments they had with one another to everyone in our newsroom.”

The Register added that the six year-old King did quite well with sandboxes and even said “thank you” to his grandmother after she gave him a scoop of ice cream.

“We’re doing some incredible journalism here,” said reporter Aaron Calvin. “After just 85 hours of critically viewing Carson’s cherished years as a toddler, we’ve been able to identify six feel-good moments that would make a great feature story for our paper.”

Still, some reporters were disappointed that nothing more revealing had happened yet such as “him saying something racist while playing with a train set.”

At press time, editor Carol Hunter was debating the ethics of going through King’s 4th grade diary to see if he had ever brought snacks to share with the class or scored a run in kickball.


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