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  • Tessa Ramsden

Dune 2 Fans Fill Burge with Sand: What They Dune 2 Burge???

dune in burge

Late last night, a few dozen University of Iowa students managed to acquire two truckloads full of sand and dumped it all into the lobby of Burge Residence Hall, attempting to recreate the set of the popular new film Dune: Part Two, which stars Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.

The transformation happened overnight, with only one desk worker as a terrified witness. In the morning, students attempting to go to the dining hall for breakfast instead found themselves roped into sandwalk lessons and battle recreations.

“The amount of people I have seen stand on a couch and yell ‘I AM PAUL MUAD’DIB ATRIEDES, DUKE OF ARRAKIS’ today has been more than a little concerning,” one bystander told the Doily Allergen. They also reported that many of the tables and chairs in the dining hall have been covered with cloth to create makeshift tents as protection from the sand. The only area of the dining hall left untouched was one large water basin, which is now being used as the site of the holy water from the film.

The Dune fanatics have been incredibly creative with their replacement props, really leaning into every aspect of the world building of the series. Blue Gatorade is being used as the sandworm venom that you drink to see prophecies, and many students ordered those water backpacks made for camping on overnight shipping to serve as the stillsuits that they can drink from. This would all be really impressive if not for the fact that Burge is not normally a desert and instead a grimy old brick building where people eat and sleep.

Many concerned students have reached out to university administration to see what can be done about this takeover, but similar to Anya Taylor-Joy in the film, their presence has been almost nonexistent. There are rumors that the administration is waiting so that they can have their fun and release their own inner child before ordering the sand to be removed. Some reports have even claimed to see Barb Wilson sitting in a makeshift cart similar to the one Jessica rides in as the Reverend Mother.

While everyone knows the sandy spectacle must end eventually, for now, we here at the Doily Allergen want to applaud these dedicated fans for their bravery and unique approach to roleplay. Until it is taken down, may thy knife chip and shatter.


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