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Family of Mice Concerned About Apartment’s Bat Infestation


This family of mice has had enough of the Iowa City property company, “Apartments Downtown”, and the company’s response to vermin infestations.

“We’ve been on the phone with (Apartments Downtown) for weeks,” says Papa Mouse, pictured above. “They haven’t so much as paid a visit to take a look at the severe bat problem.”

Papa Mouse, whose family has lived in a house owned by Apartments Downtown ever since it was built in the 70’s, is upset about the way their situation has been handled.

“When I told Apartments Downtown about the bat infestation, they told us to just close our windows,” Papa Mouse said. “We did that, but just yesterday my family and I were scurrying about at night, and a bat swooped down at us.”

Mama Mouse voiced similar concerns.

“It’s just so unsanitary and frankly it’s insulting that Apartments Downtown seems to not care at all that their property is infested with vermin,” Mama Mouse said.

When asked for a comment, Apartments Downtown said they were too busy handling a cockroach infestation to deal with anything else at the moment.


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