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Five Fun Ways To Decorate Your Quarantine Dorm

dreary room

Campus wide COVID numbers are on the rise, causing more and more students to be sent to special “quarantine dorms.” Seeing as how contracting COVID on campus is an almost certainty at this point, we here at the Doily Allergen would like to help you make your school-mandated isolation a little more enjoyable.

1. Let there be light! A set of string lights wrapped around the damp walls of your quarantine chamber will have you feeling like you’re on a blanket under the stars instead of a den of sickness and decay.

2. Tacking up a few pictures of friends and family members that you’ll be forced to temporarily isolate yourself from will help keep the homesick blues away…or possibly drive you to utter madness as you realize how cut off from society you’ve gotten.

3. On that note, fun bed sheets and pajamas are a good way to lighten your mood. There’s no better time to rock a good ole Buzz Lightyear onesie than when you’re pushing through the symptoms of a deadly respiratory disease in your bleak University-provided seclusion tank.

4. Turn your trash can into a fun miniature basketball hoop. You’ll have so much fun sinkin’ 3’s you won’t even notice how brown the phlegm in your wadded up tissues have gotten.

5. Finally, a nice potted plant is a good distraction from the otherwise dour reality that your first semester at college has become. Related: 10 TV Series To Binge While You’re Hooked Up To A Ventilator


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