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Free Speech Retention Quiz

free speech

Did you get to the end of the required free speech training and feel sad that there was no graded quiz to take? So did we! That’s why we created this quiz: so that you can know you really learned what your First Amendment rights are!

A univeristy employee uses speech in a way that isn't a part of doing their job. Is this free speech?

  • As long as it's not hateful or discriminatory, it's free speech.

  • As long as it's not against the law or campus policy, it's discriminatory

  • It's free speech only if your employer decides it is, so get back on the wheel, pleb!

Some asshole uses sidewalk chalk to put discriminatory messages across campus. Can the university wash these writings away?

  • Yes, discrimination is not protected by the 1st ammendment

  • I don't know, how frequent were they?

  • Only if the drawings created a hostile enough environment that a student didn't go to class and filed a complaint

  • Only if the chalking was by a hospital

An invited speaker threatens a specific protected group of people. Can the university expel this speaker?

  • The threat was probably just a joke, and not a true threat, so no

  • Yes, threats are against the law

  • Was the threat immoral?

Another student makes fun of you for something that is not a protected status multiple times a class period for an entire semester. Is that free speech?

  • Add description here!

  • Harassment is against university policy, so that's not free speech

  • Suck it up buttercup, that's their free speech!

A student is a protester. Do they have free speech?

  • No way!

  • Protesting is unamerican and against Iowa law!

  • Protesters have freedom of speech as long as they don't disrupt literally anything

At my apartment, I tell my friend I am going to stab her if she doesn't buy me dinner. Is this freedom of speech?

  • Threatening people is BAD, not freedom of speech!

  • It didn't happen on campus, so who cares?

Some jackass decides to stand up mid-lecture and rant about how the professor's wrong. Is this his free speech?

  • Yes! If you disagree with your professors you have the right to stand up for what is right!

  • Plus the proffesor has no rights anyways!

  • Did he do it more than once?

  • something something, funny answer, not free speech

A group of students create a newspaper that regularly slanders their professors and classmates. Is this free speech?


  • It's not free speech because they slandered people using their real names and that's mean!

  • It's only free speech if they yearly have a press conference to say "yeah actually that was a joke"


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