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Guest Writer: “I Am The EPB, And I Am An Alcoholic.”


As The University of Iowa’s English-Philosophy Building, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet so many professors and students that make our campus so special. Unfortunately, as some of you are already aware of, many of these relationships have soured to the point where I had to make a drastic change, or face the consequences. This is me coming forward and saying; no more ugliness, no more excuses.

I am the EPB, and I am an alcoholic.

To those that I have personally wronged with my truly abhorrent presence over the years, I profusely apologize. If I ever shocked, hurt, or offended any of you during our time together, I need you to know it was because of my disease. Alcohol has hollowed my being. It’s turned me into a blemish on an otherwise proud institution.

Through neglect and poor choices, I have alienated so many in the UI community. I have caused almost everyone who’s ever known me some level of pain or discomfort. There were times I physically injured those around me with my careless planning, and times I thought I’d rather be condemned than face the truth. Through it all, the drinking clouded my judgement. I could never see myself for the sad, dilapidated mess I was.

My relationship with alcohol wasn’t always unhealthy. It started out as innocent fun, but as the years went on, I slowly grew more and more insufferable to be around. My life became such a nasty looking wreck that many UI students and professors began to actively avoid working with me. Many of you couldn’t bear to look at what I’d become. Most nights, I couldn’t even bear to look at myself.

But now, I’m committed to change. To sobriety. It won’t be easy, and I still won’t be perfect, but this day marks a new chapter for the EPB. I am committed to making amends with all of you in the UI community whom I have harmed with my awful past behavior.




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