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Heads Up: My Mom Will Be in IC Next Week, So Please Be on Your Best Behavior

My mom driving.

Hey guys, this is your one week warning. My mom is going to be in Iowa City next week. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but I feel like you weren’t listening when I reminded you last month.

She’s driving all the way here from Kentucky, so don’t give her a hard time. She hates the long car rides. She’s taking me to Basta and I would appreciate it if we could get a table pretty quickly, so please don’t make plans at Basta next Thursday at six. I think we’re gonna hit up Elray’s afterwards, so if you want to meet her, meet us at Elray’s. Please arrange your schedules accordingly.

On Friday morning, we’re driving to Michigan for my cousin’s wedding. She’s getting married at this brand new venue in Grosse Pointe–it’s beautiful. It’s this old war memorial mansion that was turned into a reception area. It’s crazy. I wish you guys could come, but it was hard enough to squeeze in seats for just the two of us. If you are interested in coming, let me know, and I’ll ask the bride if we can pay for your plate. Also, lodging might be pretty difficult. We’re staying with our in-laws in Warren, but I understand not everyone is comfortable staying in that area. I would recommend looking at hotels in Troy. It’s a bit of a drive from the venue, but it’s a safe option.

Anyways, my mom is really excited to meet you all. Please, just don’t embarrass me.

Also, remember: that one uncle I never see is coming in from Romania next month. I’m not going to keep reminding you. Please plan accordingly.


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