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HuHot Offers Contactless Delivery Service Where Guy Cooks In Apartment Hallway And You Get To Watch

cooking through peephole

In an attempt to “bring fun and excitement” to customers as well as “not go out of business,” HuHot Mongolian Grill is offering a new contactless delivery service where chefs cook meals outside customers’ apartments while they get to watch through the peephole in the door.

“When we first closed the restaurant and switched to delivery services, we didn’t get a lot of interest. It turns out, our food isn’t very good. People just don’t like it that much,” said Coralville HuHot Manager Karen Rhymes. “What they love is watching those sweaty, overworked teenagers with above average hand-eye coordination go Bruce Lee on some yakisoba noodles. So we thought, okay, how can we deliver that same experience while respecting social distancing precautions? Easy. We load our 700lb grill into a semi truck and drive to the specified address. Then use an industrial lift to transport the grill inside the apartment. We also have a crane for apartments above the first floor on standby, but there is a $4,000 fee for that. Just think of it as an extra side of spicy beef. Then we set up where the customer can see us through the peephole, and do what we do best. I’m thinking of calling this new service ‘The PeepShow.’”

Rhymes said the extra expenses and effort for The HuHot PeepShow are completely worthwhile.

“Never mind the awkward moments when a neighbor can’t squeeze past the eight-foot grill to enter their apartment, or when the health department calls us a fire hazard,” said Rhymes. “Knowing that our customer is just six feet away, leaning against the door and craning their neck with one eye shut and the other straining to see through that tiny hole means so much to us. Sure, we don’t get the thundering applause we used to, but a soft ‘whoo’ and muffled clap goes a long way. So take part in our PeepShow! …Oh wait, I hear it now.”


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