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ICON’s New 2-Step Login Explained

uiowa information technology facility

In past weeks many UI students have been asking questions about ICON’s new 2-step login process; what are the reasons for the change? When will the changes be taking place? Will they hurt?

To respond to these concerns, the university’s Information Technology Services (ITS) sent the following 5-points in a press release to The Doily Allergen explaining the reasoning behind the new login:


Securing Iowa students’ personal information and private data is one of the the largest concerns in our department. ICON’s new 2-step login will do a lot in achieving this goal of, you know, security.

Protection against…identity theft:

UI information tech services has continually emphasized that all enrolled students feel that their…identities? are being kept safe from, well, people who might want to steal them. Pretty sure one of us mentioned that in a meeting at some point.

Students need blah blah blah:

It’s always been a priority to grow this university’s learning technology alongside blah so that blah blah. This 2-step login will ultimately blah blah blah. Additionally, blah blah blah balhhhhh blah blah

Just do it…okay?

Seriously. It’s not that hard. Check the “Remember Me For 30 Days” button on every device you own and just live with it. You’ll be fine. None of us have the time to get into this right now.

I don’t fucking know, you figure it out


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