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ICPD Leaves “Figure It Out Yourself” Sticky Notes At Major Intersections

ic intersection

After the recent derecho swept across the midwest, leaving thousands of Iowa City residents stranded without power, many drivers have looked for the Iowa City Police Department to help direct traffic through intersections. ICPD quickly sprang into action, leaving Post-It Notes that read “Figure it out yourselves” or “Just don’t crash” on several of downtown’s major intersections.

“This is a dangerous time for our motorists and for all of our citizens,” said Police Chief Randy Randerson. “We want to make sure ICPD is doing everything within our power to make our people safe, and that means we had to do something for traffic. Unfortunately, all of our officers are currently investigating a report that some teenagers were smoking weed and riding skateboards last night, so the notes were the best we could do.”

At the time of publication, several ICPD officers were spotted chasing after notes that had come loose and blown away down Clinton Street.


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