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IMU Caters To Vegan Students With New Tofu Therapy Dog

tofu therapy dog

In an effort to improve attendance to their finals-week de-stressing events, the IMU introduced a tofu therapy dog.

“With more and more students engaging a vegan lifestyle, we knew the IMU had to step up this semester,” said IMU director David Blakeson. “By providing a green therapy dog option, all students can now destress during this hectic week, no matter what their dietary and environmental concerns. No one on the IMU Board of Activities is actually vegan, but we more or less get the idea. They don’t like meat, so they usually eat tofu. Seeing as how our therapy dogs are about 70-80% meat, it was clear we needed to offer an alternative. We’ve made a living creature out of meat substitute. For therapy.”

Creating this tofu dog was a challenge, Blakeson said. “We went through several prototypes before we managed to come up with one that could stand up on its own. Then we had to give it sentience. That took a bit of work. And by work, I of course mean that we sent a guy into the biology lab to steal animal brains.”


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