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In Defense of Iowa YAF

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You may have seen this video posted on the Iowa Young Americans for Freedom social media pages. It shows a University of Iowa student defacing a flier advertising the Matt Walsh “What is a Woman?” event with “libelous insults,” according to Iowa YAF.

Since the announcement of the event, much pushback has been received across the campus and online. Yik Yak is going cray cray, protestors are spending hundreds on chalk and water to erase Matt Walsh ads and replace them with pro-trans messages, and one student set themselves ablaze and burned to death on the T. Anne Cleary walkway as a form of protest.

But here at the Doily Allergen, we stand for what we believe. And what we believe is that woke-ass, libbie anarchists like this student do not belong on our campus!

As fellow child predators, the Doily Allergen stands behind Iowa YAF. We agree with Matt Walsh about girls being most fertile at 16, and we agree that they should be impregnated at that age. Students like the one shown in that video are what’s harmful about today’s brainwashed society.

Now, we know, you’ve heard this all before. When Iowa YAF posted this video, it made headlines on sites such as YAF’s Official Website and The Gazette. However, the Doily Allergen always strives to go above and beyond, and we have something these sources don’t: the dumbass in the video.

That’s right. We reached out to him, and he agreed to an interview. No, we’re not kidding. We’re not just going to make up what he says. We actually spoke with him.

He allegedly goes by “Daniel Willis.” At least, that’s the name he gave us. Here is the unedited interview with the brainwashed woke CRT’d Antifa member:

DA: What is your stance on Matt Walsh?

Willis: I don’t actually care about Matt Walsh. I believe in a human’s right to exist.

DA: Will you be attending Walsh’s lecture?

Willis: No. I will be attending the protest in Hubbard Park at the same time as the lecture. I want to avoid being another head in the room to make the organizers believe ‘oh, we had such a great turnout!’ There is also no argument as to what a woman is, and therefore there is no point in attending the lecture. You cannot possibly make a defensible argument that someone does not exist.

DA: I’m sorry, a woman?

Willis: A woman.

DA: Woman? Wo- man? Is that like… a joke? Like the Wario version of Mario or something? What is a woman?

Willis: You’re funny.

DA: Is this a joke to you?

Willis: No.

DA: Mr. Willis, we don’t have time to make up terms here. We are here to discuss what age a girl should be impregnated. Please do not waste our time. Being that you’re so delusional, I’m assuming you don’t prey on young girls?

Willis: I am a homosexual.

DA: Well boys can’t be impregnated, so how does that work out for fags?

Willis: It’s pretty simple. Just don’t be a predator.

We couldn't help but burst out laughing.

DA: Are you saying that you really expect someone to be a Matt Walsh supporter and not be a predator?

Willis: Yes.

DA: Mr. Willis, fish need water, flowers need bees, Matt Walsh supporters need underage girls. It’s that simple. Everyone that is a Matt Walsh supporter also advocates for the rights of child predators.

We opted to end the interview early because there is simply no reasoning with an insane person.

Comment sections across YAF’s platforms were instantly divided over Willis’ actions.

A fellow delusional Antifa conspirer commented, “Thanks for the heads up, if I see that guy downtown I’ll make sure to buy him a cold beer!”


Obviously, brainwashed liberals like this only drink gay Bud Light beer, not manly man woke-free beer.


instagram comment

This comment made us smile. What better method than to stop the problem at the source?

Our message to Iowa YAF and all the brave conservatives on campus: keep fighting for the dystopia we all dream of!

Iowa YAF continually makes us so proud every time they make Yik Yak headlines. Continue using those slurs behind closed doors! Don’t let the woke mob stop you.

Remember, if you see this man, beat him up!! We do not need stains like this on our campus. And remember to go to Matt Walsh’s lecture and ask him why we should impregnate 16-year-old girls.

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