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  • Byron Ellington

In Honor of 4/20, Burge Replaces Mocha Brownies with Pot Brownies


You know it, we know it: for whatever reason, Burge Market Place loves having platterfuls of mocha brownies available for the taking without a single drop of sympathy for the 51.3% of American voters who ardently insisted in the 2020 brownidential election that standard chocolate brownies are the superior choice. Luckily, in celebration of every American’s favorite holiday, Burge is switching out the mocha for something everyone can agree on: pot brownies.

That’s right! This 4/20, you and your loved ones can curl up around a fire, eat mashed turkey and dry potatoes, and treat yourselves to some delicious Burge Market Place-brand marijuana-infused brownies.

Twentieth of April celebrations go back generations, originating with the Celtic holiday of Weedtide, in which intoxicating leaves were offered to the spirits to keep them chill af and stop them from stealing people’s kids. This was adopted by early Christians as the Feast of Saint Grassilas, a figure still revered by millions of believers to this day. What better way to spend this ancient celebration of family, love, and getting high as the sky than going to Burge and taking a Market2Go container’s worth of cannabis brownies back to your traditional family home, dorm room, or alleyway?

It’s always great to see the University of Iowa taking action to show that it cares about its students and their loved ones, and today’s special at Burge is just such an act. It’s like, the GOAT, dude. Crazy stuff. I saw a butterfly earlier and my mind was, like, blown. Know what I mean?

The Doily Allergen does not admit to receiving financial reward from Burge Market Place or any associated organizations or individuals in exchange for this positive rev—woah, man, did you hear that? It was like... woah.


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