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Iowa Caucuses: How The Democratic Candidates Are Connecting With UI Students

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A torch-bearing Bernie Sanders could be seen standing outside RISE Luxury Apartments, shaking his fist at the building and denouncing its residents as “the one percent.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren arrived in Iowa City and took to standing outside of Student Legal Services, helping students fabricate Native American ancestry so they’d receive federal tuition funding.

Andrew Yang has been teaching math lectures in a mech suit that he designed in college.

Pete Buttigieg could be found trying way too hard to be gay at Studio 13. When this failed to boost his poll numbers, a defeated Buttigieg retreated into his wine cave.

Tom Steyer could be found waiting outside various bars, wearing his most intensely colorful tie and belt waiting for someone, anyone, to compliment him.

Joe Biden held a rally in the streets of downtown IC, clad entirely in red and yellow and occasionally shouting “Go Cyclones!” to passerby.

Senator Amy Klobuchar turned her attention to the campus dorm buildings, folding the laundry of everyone old enough to vote.


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