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Iowa City Grandma Wishes Family Would Come Wave At Her Every Once In A While

iowa city grandma

Amid a mass showing of Christmas cheer in front of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital, an Iowa City Grandma wished her family would wave at her in the Bridgewater Assisted Living Center every once in a while.

“While I admire my children’s and grandchildren’s charitable spirit, it just seems like they could have easily swung by the home they put me in four winters ago and said hello.” said Gloria Rose-Jackson, an Iowa City Grandma who spends every Hawkeye game day in front of her window waiting for someone to make the slightest hand gesture toward her. “I’m a five minute trip from the children’s hospital. Is it asking too much for one of them to speed through the circle driveway and honk a few times? Christmas would be just a little brighter if one of my kids, hell, a complete stranger, would stand in front of the nursing home and acknowledge that I still exist.”

At press time, a recovering Iowa City crack addict was wishing that someone would stop by the treatment center and ask what his holiday plans were.


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