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  • Kendall Wright

Iowa City Transit Adds Stop At Your Mom’s House

An Iowa City Transit bus in front of your mom's house.

There has been an increase in requests by Iowa City Transit riders to be dropped at one unexpected location: your mom's house. Yes, your actual mother who lives in your hometown of Bumfuck Nowhere. She collects Russian nesting dolls (the most recent addition to her collection actually being from Russia, which she is very proud of) and shares Facebook recipes with you, and recently, she has had many visitors at your childhood home. We do not know what these individuals are doing during their visits with your mom, but we can only assume they are of a sexual nature because, like the library, she's open to the public.

We reached out for comments regarding the traffic at your mom's house from the Iowa City Transit operations manager, Tony Stromboli.

"There is so much traffic to your mother's house that we decided to add her own route to our roster. Your mama's like a rental car, she's used by many and dumped when they're done with her," Stromboli says.

The city organization has even designated an entire bus out of their fleet for this new route. Stromboli has decided to call the route and the bus the "Mommy Jalopy," a name he came up with himself and one that he is extremely proud of.

The Mommy Jalopy will begin hauling students to your mom's house starting March 1st and will continue for the foreseeable future because, like face masks in a hospital, she's frequently used and readily available.


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