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Iowa City Woman-Owned Business As Ranked By Brad

brad and women owned businesses

Hey guys, Brad Trossen here with another local business guide. As a proud Tippie student who started not one, but three failed businesses, I like to keep up to date on the different levels of business in Iowa City. One thing I’ve noticed during my bar crawls is the appearance of those Woman-Owned Business stickers in front of shops, but are they really owned by women? As a business (and lady) expert, I’ve made a list ranking these stores, based on if their ‘woman-owned’ claim is actually believable.

1. Willow & Stock

Willow & Stock is a flower shop so yeah, it makes sense. Women like flowers, everyone knows that. So if they got help from a dude with the finances and such, I can totally see a girl running the store. Plus, have you ever been in there? It’s like walking inside a tampon. The front door is pink. Only a chick would do that. Definitely a chick store.

2. Catherine’s Boutique, Dulcenia, The Shop

I lumped these three together because they’re all basically the same place, and they’re all definitely girl-stores. There’s way too much soft fabric and natural lighting. Super clean. They’re basically Gwyneth Paltrow if she was a store.

3. Z’mariks

This one is lower on my list. I can see Z’mariks being owned by a woman because they make food, but like, they don’t even make sandwiches. Only noodles. And not the kind of noods you want from a chick XD. Could I see a chick working there? Definitely. Owning it? I’m less sure.

4. Bo-James

Like, no. What the fuck? Hah. No. Bo-James is a place by and for the boys. Country night? There’s no way a chick is responsible for country night. And only a true grilling master could make burgers that well. No way.

5. Margaret A. Smollen MD, PC: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Women doctors? Yeah right.


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