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“Keep The Change,” Whispers Local Hero Tipping Delivery Driver 25 Cents

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Driving for delivery services remains a popular side hustle for many young Americans, but with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are turning to delivery services just to make ends meet. But even driving for these services can be difficult, and many delivery people rely on tips to keep going. Recently, the Doily Allergen caught up with one local stud who finally decided enough was enough.

“I just felt like I had to do something dramatic, something big, to show how much I care,” said local hero Matthew Winters. “So I decided to dig deep and give something back to the people that are struggling to make ends meet.”

“It was honestly life-changing,” said Winters’ Doordash delivery driver, Cory Daniels. “I mean a whole entire 25 cents just for delivering food! That’s like an entire gumball! Holy shit!”

Winters has received a lot of love on social media for his heroic tipping, with one Twitter user writing “I knew there had to still be generous people out there, but 25 cents! That’s honestly poggers and this guy is such a big man for doing that. Props to you, Matt!”

“Honestly, the support from just this one small gesture has been insane,” said Winters. “Every day I have people coming up to me saying things like ‘Hey you’re that big tipper aren’t you? Got anything for me Mr. Money Bags?’ It’s honestly becoming a bit much.”

People have also recently begun asking Daniels for his advice on getting more tip money from delivering.

“Honestly it was kind of just random,” said Daniels. “sometimes you’ll get someone who tips a dime or a nickel, or just a penny. But every once in a while you’ll get a prince like Matthew who will bestow upon you the legendary quarter, the rarest and most coveted tip a delivery driver can receive, and you just feel so blessed after that. Like God himself has smiled upon you and said ‘Go, Cory, get yourself some hard candy, you deserve it champ.’”

Next week, Winters will be flying to Washington D.C to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Joe Biden, who said in an interview, “People like that are who we need more of in this country. Compassion, leadership, and not only getting that bread, but giving that cheddah to those who are less fortunate than yourself. That’s what America is all about. And Matthew Winters embodies that fully.”

So what does Winters plan on doing next? In an interview with the Doily Allergen, he said he would like to start a nonprofit foundation to keep the charitable gifts flowing.

“There’s a lot of messed up stuff in this world, and I think with enough community support, we can donate tens of dollars to the people who need it most.”


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