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Loudmouthed Uncle Makes Surprising Ally

loudmouthed uncle

Thanksgiving is upon us. As such, many young students are dreading the thought of being amongst family members whose own views are less progressive than theirs. One such student was junior Nathan Cremers. Cremers is an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America and various LGBTQ+ Outreach Programs, on top of volunteering twice a week at the Emma Goldman Clinic. Naturally, he was not looking forward to seeing his conservative small town family members on Thanksgiving. He says he was especially worried about the reaction of his loudmouthed Uncle Logan.

“He’s always the most outspoken one at the table,” Cremers says of his uncle. “Then my mom told me he’s gotten deep into some radical online group, and I was worried.”

However, much to Cremers’ surprise, Uncle Logan made quite the ally.

“Uncle Logan started going on about everything wrong with my generation,” Cremers says. “Things like economic instability and lack of access to affordable healthcare. He went on a tirade about the government, too, specifically how they disenfranchise voters by continuing to elect moderates whose only purpose is to maintain the status quo for the wealthy elite ruling class.”

Cremers says Uncle Logan also had quite a field day when it came to the topic of gender and sexuality and started screaming about how “back in [his] day, they had two genders with traits arbitrarily assigned so as to alienate individuals whose own feelings of identity fell outside them.” Cremers’ cousin, Melissa, who is a young transgender woman says Uncle Logan had a lot to say to her as well.

“He started crying and saying I used to be his favorite nephew,” Melissa says. “And then he said ‘but now you get to be my favorite niece.’”

Cremers says his uncle’s newfound acceptance of others different from himself was a welcome addition to the family, especially after his aunt left to join ISIS last Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays!!!


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