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Notice Me, Dean of Students Angie Reams!

angie reams

Pretty please notice me Dean of Students Angie Reams You are in my email inbox And also in my dreams

When you tell me what is up I read every word And when you include a video Please know your voice is heard

The quotes at the beginning are inspiring They help me be my best And your signature at the end Makes my heart beat inside my chest

I do not understand Most of the words you use\ But they sound so very pretty For you I’d be confused

I’ve read every email you’ve ever sent me But your latest one’s the best I love when you told me that my life sucking Is the valid reason why I’m depressed

If you went on a date with me We could go to a CAB event at the IMU I hope you say yes, Angie I’m in love with you

Edit: it has been discovered that the writer of this article joined our publication with the sole purpose of publishing this love poem to Dean of Students Angie Reams. They have since been fired.


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