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Opinion: I Should Show My Student ID To This Rec Center Employee. No Wait—This One. Shit, Hold On…

iowa one card

It’s that time of year again. Cold weather and new years resolutions have an increasing amount of people heading into the Campus Recreation Center. UI students can access all rec center equipment and services by simply showing their student ID card to…this rec center employee. No wait—is she? Okay this guy just looked at me like—hold on. Is he the one taking cards right now? Ahh shit. That was weird.

Alright. Once you get past that whole front desk situation, the first floor has plenty of benches and weight lifting equipment, a recreational pool, and even a 60 foot-high rock climbing wall. UI students who spend their workout session on this floor find that….actually.

Let’s—let’s slow down for a second.

There was like, six people just hanging out at the front desk. All of them looked like they could take my card, but didn’t want to? Or—I mean—they all looked directly at me right at the same time. Whatever.

The second floor is a popular spot for weightlifting as well, but the main attraction here is the dozens of treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers available for students wanting a healthy cardio session. There’s also a space right at the top of the stairs where personal trainers help students to—

Oh my god that girl from the front desk is up here and just looked at me weird.

Anyway, personal trainers here at the rec—there really should be a sign down there that says “Show Your Student ID To This Person Right Here” or some sort of separate line for it because that was pretty uncomfortable just holding my card out in the middle of the air and smiling like a maniac.

Honestly, I’m still not sure if I showed it to the right person. Should I go back to the front desk and ask?

But—which person would I ask? Fuck.

The third floor has a track. Folks tend to run around on it. There’s a basketball court on the second floor I forgot to mention because my mind has—okay—what the shit.

There’s five different exercise bikes sitting right here. All of them open. Waiting.

Okay. Alright, just breathe. Eenie. Meanie. Meenie. Moe. Catch. A. Tiger. By. It’s—fuck I can’t do this.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that there were 6 rec center employees hanging out at the front desk. There were at least 13. Perhaps more lurking around the corner.


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