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Opinion: [REDACTED] Should [REDACTED]


Following national debates on the definition of free speech, the Doily Allergen has decided to make a stand. As of today, our action plan is defined by providing [REDACTED]. We believe every individual has the right to [REDACTED], regardless of where they are from or where they live, and there is no matter closer to our hearts than [REDACTED].

We understand this is a controversial decision, but creating [REDACTED] has been a desire of ours since the federal government decided to [REDACTED]. If we had it our way, these [REDACTED] would be provided to every citizen of the United States, including such notable figures as [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], Donald Trump, [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and Bruce Harreld (and God knows how much Harreld needs [REDACTED]).

The more [REDACTED], the less [REDACTED], which critically destroys our ability to speak and express ourselves freely. We will not stand for such a blatant disregard for our human rights! If any politicians who wish to silence us on this matter are reading, we encourage you to [REDACTED]. Take [REDACTED], and invest in [REDACTED], and then gradually [REDACTED]. Who knows? [REDACTED] on the matter and reinstate unconditional free speech and expression to the constituents of the United States.

To our beloved readers, we beg of you to consider making this change for yourselves too. [REDACTED] can only do so much in support of [REDACTED]. To support our exploration into the nuances of free speech, [REDACTED] and ensure our first amendment rights remain protected in this great nation!


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