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  • Doily Allergen

Opinion: Sure, Ethnic Cleansing Is Bad, But Is It Worse Than My Ruined Grad Photos?

ethnic cleansing protest and my ruined grad photos

I hope this isn’t offensive, but jeez, do these protesters have to be mad about Palestine right now? I’m graduating this week. Don’t they know their thirty-minute rally on the Pentacrest is leaving me with ruined grad photos? I had family come all the way from Ankeny for this!

I just feel like no one appreciates how hard it was to get this international relations degree. Like, I’ve never had my house bombed, sure, but one time the answers to my Political Research final weren’t even on Quizlet. Really, I don’t mean to sound entitled, but my Instagram followers have to be wondering why they haven’t seen my grad pics yet. Now all these people holding signs and giving speeches about 73 years of forced occupation are blocking the perfect background for my photoshoot. What has all this been for if I can’t post a carousel by tomorrow? It’s not fair.


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