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  • Ashley Cimarolli

Owen Wilson to Star as “The Snitch” in UI Quidditch Club Commercial

Owen Wilson Playing Quittitch
Owen Wilson Playing Quittitch for the Cameras

Owen Wilson finds himself in the role of a lifetime as he prepares to play the Snitch in the University of Iowa’s Quidditch club commercial, and just in time too. A representative from the Quidditch club, Pearl Schwartz, said that the team was struggling to market themselves and seeing a significant drop in the number of people trying out for the club.

“I’m more than happy to let Owen Wilson come do his thing, but it was definitely a shock when he reached out to us through our Student Org Engage page,” said Ben.

Wilson is rumored to have asked Marvel executives to write him out of multiple episodes of the hit show Loki in order to make his dream of performing in a University of Iowa commercial come true. It might seem that through his grasp for this role, Owen Wilson is now seated squarely at his rock bottom, but he says the opposite.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for me. I think it’s finally the time in my career that I really discover what it truly means to be an actor,” Wilson said.

Wilson went on to describe how this role in particular has really grounded him as a person, as well as an actor committed to his craft. He explained how the University of Iowa’s Quidditch team in particular just has that “it” factor.

“Think about it this way: why is it that we look to the sky? Why do we all strive for a life that we don’t have? Playing the Snitch really gave me the answers. It’s so we can run… wow… run like the wind and accept yourself,” Owen Wilson said after his first rehearsal with the UI Quidditch team, dressed from head to toe in a golden jumpsuit.

Maybe Wilson is showing us the Golden Snitch that’s inside all of us, urging us to light the world with love. Whatever Owen Wilson decides to do next, let’s all take a moment and appreciate this small chapter in this man’s impactful and touching book of life.


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