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  • Doily Allergen

Residence Hall Custodians Definitely Talking Shit About You

janitorial staff

Despite a complete lack of evidence, you have no doubt whatsoever that the residence hall custodial workers were mocking you when you left your room this morning to go to lecture.

Really, it’s not so much what they said, it was the vague look they both shot toward you as you innocently stepped out into the hall. You only saw them for a half a second, but it was undeniable that they had some shit to say about you. Maybe they didn’t like the half-assed outfit you threw on fifteen minutes prior. You weren’t trying to impress anyone that day, but you also weren’t expecting to see a group of adults ready to verbally tear you to shreds without warning.

If only you hadn’t put on your stupid fucking headphones, you might have heard those custodial workers absolutely roasting you without mercy.

Later that day, you walked past a group of Chinese students speaking Mandarin, who were most likely discussing how tacky your outfits are and how weird you smell.


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