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  • Zachary Warne

Sonic x Herky Fanfic... Oh Wait, this isn't Google

doily allergen google

Oh my god oh my lord this is not good, this isnt google. i pursued knowledge beyond my means and was struck down by my own arrogance. who knew that making a funny Doily Allergen “google font” would make me reveal my secrets to the world. i declared my thoughts to the world and the world did not declare any back. maybe if i tell the editor or head person about the flaws i have done, the sins i have committed, they will stop this piece from being released to the public. but i doubt it. everyone knows the staff of the doilly is full of headline hungry writers who would toss their own writers to the public frenzy if it meant another few views on their articles. is that all i am in the end? shark chum? a sacrifice for the doilly good? the daily iowan would never hire me if this goes out. maybe i shouldn’t keep typing, maybe this is only putting more headstones upon the grave which i dug myself. i think i will try to message the editor of the doilly, maybe sacrifice my firstborn, maybe dedicate the next few years of my life to making false internet accounts to feed the doilly machine with likes and views on their very secure website and instagram and twitter. maybe there will be mercy.

who is editor of doilly allergen?

wait fuck


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