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SSSniperWolf Posts Apology for Actions on Burge Dining Screen

SSSniperWolf, a YouTuber known for her highly insightful and heartfelt commentaries of popular TikToks, has fallen into some hot water lately. For anybody not in the know––who can live in blissful ignorance of how irrelevant this controversy now is––SSSniperWolf began receiving criticism from another YouTuber, John Douglass, whom you may know for introspective works like “Top 10 Farts.” This fellow has come after Ms. Wolf for her nasty habit of lazily profiting off the content of others, which means a lot coming from a guy featured on “YouTubers React To Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #10.” As harsh as this may seem, Ms. Wolf took a level-headed approach in response: she showed up at his house, implied she was going to beat him up, and probably stole one of his ice-cream-themed dogs. When asked if she would apologize, she replied, “No ❤️”

After all of this went down, the first question on everyone’s mind was, naturally, “I wonder how The University of Iowa will respond to this situation!” Yes, it is true that our esteemed learning establishment has a deep, personal history with Ms. Wolf, and I’m sad to say that none of it was pleasant. She once reacted to UofI in her video, “Reacting to the most cringe skools in the state of Minnesota,” which began a heated rivalry between Ms. Wolf and the University on the app formerly known as Twitter.

First she was like, “You stink!” and then the University was like, “Yeah, well you’re a poopyhead! They should call you DDDiaperWolf!” and they both met up at a Denny’s parking lot and had a vicious LARPing session. They never actually made contact with each other, but I’m sure in their heads the battle was super bloody.

So, when the University heard about the situation with SSSniperWolf and JacksFilms, they obviously showed their support for Mr. Films in the hopes that he, his wife, and their three ice cream dogs. Ms. Wolf didn’t appreciate this, so in an act of fury, she pulled out the ol’ reliable and decided to doxx her enemy, who, in this case, was The University of Iowa. On an Instagram story, she posted this harrowing photo:

What appalling behavior! Where did she even get access to such information? Going after the Me Me Big Boy guy was one thing, but a respectable school like The University of Iowa was another completely!

The school chased her down for many days in the name of vengeance, and once they finally caught her, they made many harsh demands for her to atone for her actions. She resisted for many, many hours, insisting that she was too much of a #girlboss to be a decent human being.

Eventually, she relented, and she agreed to apologize in a public-enough way that the University would be satisfied enough to forgive her. She turned to the University’s most widespread and reliable supplier of information, but since we here at the Doily Allergen weren’t answering our emails that day, Ms. Wolf found the next best thing.

[Transcript of Burge’s Dining Hall Feedback screen on Nov 1, 2023 1:18 PM CST]

Q: omg i looooove the mac and cheese 😋

A: Yessss we love Mac and Cheese!

Q: when are the pork potstickers coming back?????

A: 11/27!

Q: what’s the difference between chicken kiev and chicken cordon bleu?

A: Hi babes, it’s ya girl SSSniperWolf xoxoxo just wanted to say I’m real bummed y’all didn’t like it when I revealed your personal address to my very large audience… like, that was such a good bit ◔̯◔ 

It’s been so hard for me the past few weeks broskis. I mean, I’ve never had to face consequences for my actions before, so the fact that I have to NOW just because some sensitive bitches got on my ass is SO UNFAIR!!!

Anywhos now that YouTube’s demonetized my channel, Imma need y’all to buy my new merch ;) blows kiss

[End of transcript]

Wow. Shameful. She forgot to add a gif from The Office to emphasize her point!


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