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Student in Gender Politics Class Getting Dangerously Close to The Point

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Eyewitnesses in one Gender in Society discussion section report sophomore Kyle Hunter is inching closer every week to a meaningful realization about the entire point of the class.

“Women don’t advocate for themselves,” said Hunter during a lively discussion about the wage gap in Tuesday’s session. “Maybe if they just asked for more pay, they’d get it. It’s 2020.”

Other students pointed out the problems they noticed in this statement: notably, that it is considered bad manners to ask what your coworkers are making, and that many women do not even know they are underpaid as a result.

“Women are still seen less favorably for being more assertive than men are,” added junior Anna Phillips.

Another student pointed out that these issues are even more pronounced for women of color, especially Black and Latina women.

“No, there’s something else up there,” replied Hunter. “Because if that were true, then you could blame literally tons of problems on things being racist or sexist.”

To this, eight female students responded with a wordless exclamation somewhere between sigh and scream, and a ninth nearly cried.

When asked how she feels about teaching such heated classes, TA Lillian Smith said “It’s fine. I do a shot before class and then I give a half point of extra credit to every student who tells him to shut up.”


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