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Student Reactions: UI Main Library Installs Desks, Macbook Pros In All Bathroom Stalls

macbook pros in bathroom stalls

To ensure that the mind-numbing study grind of dead week never has to stop, the UI main library has installed desks and Macbook Pros in all bathroom stalls.

“There’s nothing more frustrating for students than having to step away from a six hour study binge for something as trivial as allowing the body to carry out its natural processes,” said Librarian Agatha Sarandon. “Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past.”

The Doily Allergen reached out to UI students gauge what they made of the new “lavatorial study stations.”

“In the past, studying in the bathroom was always a mess. Books in the toilet, urine on my notes. My calculator hasn’t smelled the same since last fall. Thank God the library’s finally addressed this issue.”

“Whenever I have to stop studying to use the bathroom, it’s a cruel reminder of the freedom a life without school could provide.”

“Finals weeks is a living hell, now that hell continues even when I’m on the shitter. Great.”

The initial grant for the project only provided for installations in the main library, but Sarandon said they hope to extend the new study stations to bathrooms all over campus.

“We won’t rest until the crushing weight of responsibility can be felt everywhere,” Sarandon said.


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