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Student Spotlight: This Trendsetter Just Discovered Making Sourdough In Quarantine

woman making sourdough

In our fifteenth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, one student has picked up a new, groundbreaking hobby that’s sure to catch on: baking bread from scratch.

“ I just have so much free time on my hands,” said second-year Jessica Gallagher. “I have no idea where the idea came from! It just occurred to me out of nowhere one day: why not use this time to learn to bake bread?”

According to Gallagher, her baking adventures have been a learning curve. “Some of my loaves are still too hard to cut into. But I did just invest in a hammer and chisel, so I plan to have a socially-distanced gathering for all my friends to try it soon.”

Gallagher said she’s been off social media for the whole pandemic, but has been moved to share this hobby with others, knowing how bored everyone has been for the past year.

“It’s a shame,” the baker said. “I wish I’d had this knowledge earlier. But I’d like the world to know now, if you need to pass the time between Zoom meetings, sourdough in quarantine is here for you.”


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