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Student With All C-’s Wondering If Pass/Fail Too Risky

stressed student

In these unprecedented times, the University’s decision to add a “Pass/Fail” option for the grading of all courses this semester has given many a sense of peace. There are some students who are left unsatisfied, though. Bryson Marmont, for instance, is concerned that preemptively choosing the “Pass/Fail” option for his courses this semester is simply too risky a move, as every one of his grades are hovering at a C- right now.

“I mean, finals are coming up, and they could go really well for me,” Marmont shared with us. “My professors have been super nice so far, and they’ve been grading leniently, so I’ve been doing okay, and if my finals go well, I could really make an improvement to my GPA! But if these tests don’t go well, I am fucked in a major way. I mean it would just wreck my chances of grad school. My entire life would be irreparably fucked. But if they go well, it would be a nice little boost to my grade point average.”

“I mean, sure, I’d have to learn a semester’s worth of material, for a bunch of classes I don’t even really need the credits for, and it would be incredibly taxing on my mental wellbeing,” Marmont went on, “but it might pay off in a way finals seasons have never paid off before!”

Bryson told us that most of his time as of late was spent pondering this momentous decision, seemingly unaware that this was all time that could be spent studying for his finals.

“Even if I fail, maybe the professors will be nice to me. I’m not too worried, though. My dad like died in some war so my scholarship isn’t reliant on GPA at all.”


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