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TA’s Attempts To Get Students Into Office Hours Just Kind of Sad Now

TA cookies

After months of encouragement and claiming he enjoys helping students outside of class, TA Joshua Henry’s attempts to get students into his office hours are just kind of sad now.

“One time, I made cookies and sent out an email saying they were for anyone who came into my office,” said Henry. “No one came, so lately I’ve kicked-off every class by telling students that during office hours, I just kind of sit at my desk and stare at the clock, thinking about my ex-wife. I even changed the name of ‘office hours’ to ‘student hours,’ because they’re for students, ya know? My grandma was hospitalized yesterday during office hours, but I couldn’t call her or anything. No one showed up, so nothing distracted me. I just had to sit and do nothing.”

Henry was last seen groveling on the floor of his classroom, tearfully pleading that his students to even just pop in and say hello to him.


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