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The Des Moines Register Uncovers Racist Tweets From All 2,500 Dance Marathon Participants

dance marathon uiowa

Stating that “no stone should be left unturned” when it comes to cross-examining “young adults who choose to spend their time giving to the needy,” Des Moines Register reporters uncovered racist tweets from all 2,500 Dance Marathon Participants. “While we sincerely thank these dedicated students for raising over 2 million dollars for child cancer, we are also concerned with the truth, and the truth is that every Dance Marathon attendee was once a little bit racist or homophobic on the internet,” The Des Moines Register said in a statement. Exhaustive background checks swept the Twitter, Snapchat, and Xbox Live accounts of thousands of UI students, who despite volunteering for a charitable cause at 21, were incredibly controversial at age 14. “By taking part in this very public Dance Marathon event Kayla Mahoney, George Issac, Ben Hollister, Ashuk Thomspon, Dana Wagner, and 2,494 other individuals made themselves into public figures. A liberal society demands that public figures be held to a higher standard, and we found that every last one of these kids said something problematic at some point on some platform. The Des Moines Register does not condemn these persons’ overall character, but the public should know that Frank Owens, a student who worked hard raising $4,000 over the past 5 five months, wrote ‘N**gas In Paris is a f***ing bop’ in a 2011 Reddit post.” “Here at the Register we take selflessly donating money to children’s hospitals very seriously. When folks try to better themselves and the world around them, our journalists will always be here ready to put them back in their place.”


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