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The Doily-er Allergen

Now you can listen to our articles on the go, in the form a twenty-ish minute radio broadcast once a month. Tune in on our website, YouTube, or KRUI’s Soundcloud for new articles, expanded old articles, and recurring segments. True crime, global events, university news, and everyday Iowa City bullshit: our award-winning* anchor Phillip Charles Edward Stanley-Michaels is here to walk you through it all.

Table of Contents:

00:00 Introduction

2:19 Spring Break Destination: North Liberty

4:35 Student In Gender Politics Class Getting Dangerously Close To The Point

6:34 Ad Break

8:40 Student Spotlight: Hawks Gettin’ Chicks Podcast Host, Brad Chadley

11:36 North Lie-berty Episode 4: Necessary Exposition

17:05 Conclusion


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