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  • Tessa Ramsden

UI Lecture Committee Invites Scott Cawthon and MatPat

matpat vs scott cawthon

The University of Iowa Lecture Committee, known for hosting such celebrities as Brittany Broski and Josh Peck, has invited Scott Cawthon and Matthew Patrick as their next guest speakers for a staged debate regarding how Cawthon’s insertion of Patrick into the canon affects the overall series.

Scott Cawthon is the creator of the popular video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s. The games started as a Christian family mini game that his friends told him was too scary, so he said “fuck it we ball” and went all in on horror. After leaving confusing glitches and symbols in the first game for seemingly no reason, he opted to cover his tracks by declaring that it was part of an incredibly layered lore surrounding the games. Most of the subsequent lore was stolen off the craziest Reddit theories he could find, leading to the games generating enough of a reputation to land a blockbuster movie with the Muppets that will likely hold no connection to the rest of the timeline whatsoever.

Matthew Patrick, or “MatPat”, is his opponent of over a decade through his YouTube channel Game Theory, where he led the charge to find an actual in-depth timeline within Cawthon’s weird little robot horror games. MatPat has 94 videos concerning FNAF, all with the same thumbnail of a close-up on some detail in Freddy’s face and bold block text underneath declaring something “answered” or “solved.”

matpat youtube channel

His intense hype over topics such as who bit who in what year built up an immense pressure for Cawthon to create a decent story, something he had never prepared to do. Eventually, in one of his cash-grab books marketed towards kids (but definitely not suited for them), he got his revenge. In Fazbear Frights #5, the story “In the Flesh” was about a protagonist named Matt who was obsessed with video games and had terrible relationships, so he took his anger out on his video game development and this led to him being impregnated and giving birth to a robot bunny via VR.

Since the story’s release in 2020, MatPat has never publicly discussed his reaction or thoughts to it beyond a few passing jokes. However, all that is about to change in the IMU Main Lounge on December 9th, as the UI Lecture Committee has decided to usher us into finals week with what promises to be one of the most aggressive lectures they have ever presented.

Cawthon and MatPat will be presented with a range of topics including reactions to the FNAF movie, how many of MatPat’s theories were actually correct, and, of course, how both parties feel about the mpreg story that is obviously a dig at Cawthon’s loudest commentator. The lecture will be structured in a debate format, and moderated by one representative from the Lecture Committee and one from the Game Design Club.

“We were trying to get Josh Hutcherson to talk about what it was like to prepare for the FNAF movie and learn all that crazy timeline shit, but when we read about this feud we knew we had to call these guys in,” a representative from the Lecture Committee told us.

The Committee also said that both Cawthon and MatPat agreed to the debate within a day of receiving the invitation, but neither has issued any statement to them or to the DA about what they are expecting from the debate. Members of the UI Game Design Club have begun plans to camp out at least 48 hours before the debate in the IMU to keep their spots in line. They are recruiting members of Dance Marathon to teach them the cult mentality tactics that encourage their members to do the same. The DA will send a reporter to the debate, and we plan to give our readers a detailed review of the already highly anticipated conversation.


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