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UI Libraries Digital Signage Displays Unflattering Photos Of Students To See If Anyone Notices

uiowa library digital signage

Bored and looking to embarrass someone, employees at the Main Library have begun displaying unflattering photos of UI students on their digital signage “just to see if anyone noticed.”

“We’re pretty sure that no one really looks at the digital signage,” said a library administrator. “So we thought it would be fun to display highly personal and very ugly photos of the students. Just to see if anyone took their head out of their ass long enough to notice an enlarged photo of them vomiting on stage and placing 3rd in their middle school spelling bee. Honestly, this little stunt gave me something to look forward to every day.”

Kylie Myers, a student whose unfortunate puberty years have been displayed in the library for weeks, had this to say,

“Ok listen, I was wearing that Dave Matthews band t-shirt ironically, and I think choking on a Walking Taco in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney Land is something we’ve all done. Wait. Where the fuck did they get that photo?”


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