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UIowa Dining Halls Introduce Hannibal Theme Meal

The University of Iowa has constantly been raising the bar when it comes to its dining hall cuisine. With three whole campus dining halls operating (sometimes) and an ever-hungry student body to feed, they have made an impressive effort to keep things fresh and interesting. One example being the various “theme meals” providing students with special treats and representing foods from cultures.

In a shocking turn of events, a new theme meal has been announced to cater to one of the most underrepresented cultures of all: annoying Tumblr fandoms. 

The Hannibal theme meal attempts to revive the hype around the NBC television property and provide students with delicious, innovative meals never before seen by the University of Iowa populace. 

“I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before!” Exclaimed Chef Hurderer, who pitched the idea of this meal. “My original concept of a Purple People-Eater meal never made it out of the idea phase because of the excessive food dyes necessary, but this one’s just a no-brainer! …Literally. I’m not out here to get kuru.”

Reports say preparations for this meal will also help reduce the concern of the University of Iowa dormitory shortage, and raise the average grades of university business students overall. Somehow.

The Hannibal theme meal will also be a feast for the eyes and senses with dining halls planning to decorate with an absurd amount of antler paraphernalia. Rumor has it that Mads Mikkelsen himself will be coming to lend his performance to a deeply-psychological, homoerotic dinner theater show. Mads Mikkelsen’s public relations team has virulently denied this rumor. 

This theme meal will be held on April 4th, in honor of the 11th anniversary of the show’s release.


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