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University Invites Ghost of “Stonewall” Jackson To Speak At IMU

ghost of stonewall jackson

The University of Iowa, in conjunction with Young America’s Foundation, announced on Monday that due to the response received from former Vice President Mike Pence’s speech, they are inviting another prominent political figure who himself was the victim of the liberal agenda: the ghost of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Jackson famously led his troops through battles in the Eastern Theater during the Civil War, but he is now focused on a new battle: cancel culture. A spokesperson for the YAF is very enthusiastic about the event.

“General Jackson’s such an important historical figure,” YAF spokesperson Kyle E. Lee says, “To get to see somebody you admire so much in real life is a spectacle regardless of your beliefs.”

Lee says the University expects to face backlash for their choice to give the ghost of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson a platform to speak from beyond the grave. He hopes that any detractors are able to set aside their own views and hear out the Confederate general as he discusses the dangers of critical race theory.

This speech is one of many hosted by the Young America’s Foundation who are working closely with the dead Confederate to give a voice to college Conservatives who feel silenced on campus.


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