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University of Iowa QAnon Club Loses Funding After Attempting To Storm Old Capitol

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Hard times have fallen upon one of the University of Iowa’s most controversial student orgs, as the UI QAnon Club has lost their funding. Founded in 2016, the UI QAnon Club was for a period the fastest growing student organization on campus. That all changed after the club attempted to overthrow the Old Capitol.

“It’s not like we didn’t give them warning,” says QAnon Club spokesperson Jarren Lucas. “It’s been posted on our activities page for months that we were going to storm the Old Capitol and take back the University. I swear sometimes it feels like a big conspiracy.”

The QAnon Club co-founder, Austin Adrian, says he’s suspicious about the timeliness of their organization’s dismissal as well.

“If you ask me, this whole thing’s a conspiracy,” Adrian says. “It seems just a little too convenient that after we organize a violent coup against our university, they cut our funding.”

Apart from losing their University sponsorship, the club has also been suspended from the University’s Engage page.

“The University is censoring us because it’s run by the liberal elite,” Adrian says, referring to nobody in particular. “It’s an attack on free speech…and also a conspiracy.”

Some members of the formerly university-sanctioned QAnon Club say they aren’t yet ready to give up their fight.

“We’ve been going to local businesses asking for financial support for weeks,” says junior QAnon Club member Nathan Cremers. “For one reason or another, we never get very far. It’s almost like all the local businesses are conspiring against us.”

Cremers says that most businesses are troubled by the student org’s radical beliefs such as their belief in a “deep state” run by political elites and Hollywood celebrities engaging in pedophilia and drinking child blood.

“We have yet to get past even reading our mission statement to potential backers,” Cremers says. “It can only be because they’re also a part of the deep state front for child trafficking and blood drinking. It’s all one big conspiracy.”

When asked what he plans to do should the club be unable to find the funding it requires, Cremers threatened to run for public office.


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